Home-made hemp milk banana chocolate coconut almond ice cream!

I love ice cream. I also love to create new joys with food. So, I thought, why not do both?! Here is a picture story of my FIRST EVER adventure making: A) Hemp Milk from scratch and B) Ice Cream. Mmm.....and yes, this was my breakfast for the day. 1. Start with 3 cups of purified water and add 1/2 a cup of raw shelled hemp seeds, a dash of salt and a bit of honey. (Regular milk is naturally sweet n salty). 2. Blend for about 2.5 minutes on high. 3. Drain through a cheese cloth (ideal) or if you are like me and don't have one... you can get creative with a clean pillow case! Make sure you have a big enough bowl underneath that can hold at least 4 cups. 4. Then squeeze the last bit of milk th

10 Things that Lead to Happiness at home

[I didn't write this, but I like this.] 1. Make your bed. The book The Happiness Project, explains that this three minute task is one of the simplest habits you can adopt to positively impact your happiness. 2. Bring every room back to “ready.” I learned this trick from Marilyn Paul’s clever book, It’s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can’t Find Your Keys. It’s a known fact: Clutter causes stress; order creates a haven from it. This mood-boosting routine is simple: Take about three minutes to bring each room back to “ready” before you depart it. (Unless you have a toddler, or a partner who likes to simulate earthquakes, three minutes should be sufficient.) 3. Display sentimental items arou

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