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December 7, 2018

Are you ready for the holidays?

If you are curious about how to enjoy all the joy and activity of the season...but still want to keep your health strong- you're in the right place. We hosted a live workshop on this very topic and you can watch the replay video below. Here we have shared some of our favorite tips. 

The first tool that helps is to envision what a happy and healthy holiday season looks like for you. Try this activity:

Envision Your Ideal Holiday Season:

Spend some time in your thoughts and begin to see yourself living out the absolutely ideal holiday season. Close your eyes….breathe….think about (or journal about) the following:
Who would you spend time with?

What foods would you eat?

What presents would you purchase?

What gifts would you receive?

Where would you be located?

How would you define this holiday season as successful?

Key Question To Ask Yourself This Season:

“How does this decision serve me? Will it get me closer to my ideal holiday season? Is there a better choice I...

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