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Holistic Nutritional Consultant

Health Coach

Certified Holistic Doula

Yoga Teacher

Functional Blood Chemistry Analyst

Kyria Marie is the founder of Kyria Health - a practice that combines ancient wisdom with modern science to offer a strategic approach for those seeking optimum health. She has her masters degree in Health Education with a specialization in Holistic Nutrition + Health Coaching from John F. Kennedy University.


Kyria earned her undergraduate degree from the University of California Santa Barbara with a major in Sociology and a minor in Educational Psychology. She spent years working as a public high school teacher. Now she is a Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, Functional Blood Chemistry Analyst, and Certified Holistic Doula. She is also a student of ancestral healing arts + reiki. 


Kyria offers a variety of healing modalities to serve and support the beautiful diversity of her clients. She partners with clients who desire a natural and sustainable approach to wellness by doing detective work to learn more about the underlying root(s) of imbalances. Together they design a personalized and comprehensive action plan that includes nutrition, lifestyle, smart supplementation, stress management, self-care practices, and mind-body techniques. 


She has over ten years of experience inspiring healthy living through her private practice, community classes & workshops, corporate wellness programs & events, handcrafted curriculum for public schools, and partnerships with organizations such as the American Association of Nutritional Consultants, Teach For America, & Healthy Eating and Living (HEAL).


Hello, I am Kyria. It is so great to "meet" you!


In a nutshell, I combine ancient holistic wisdom with modern day science to offer a strategic approach for those seeking health transformations.

In a bigger nutshell...

I'm a nutritional consultant that supports my clients through the use of many tools including: health coaching, functional lab assessments, detailed health evaluations, strategic action plans, personalized meal plans, mind-body techniques, educational programs, community facilitation, and group workshops. 

I use these tools in a system that has proven incredible results for my clients by working with them one-on-one or in group settings. My clients establish nourishing life-long habits that is in accordance with their personal life goals and health needs.

I help my clients find the root of their issue, so that they can start seeing positive results as they move closer towards their health goals. This is my passion, because after many years of turmoil, I found vibrant vitality. You can read more about my health journey and motivation HERE.

I recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to health and that each individual is unique. It is my great joy to help others accomplish their personal health goals while also honoring their body, heart, mind, and spirit.


Before my work in the health field I was a public school teacher, so I bring my passion for education to the forefront with all of my clients. My mission is to empower and encourage my clients through education so that they may be equipped to make the best decisions for their own health journeys- while enjoying the process! 

Looking for something fun?

My name "Kyria" means "positive thoughts" in Swahili. So here's to keeping "positive thoughts" in our health!

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