Eating With The Seasons

Recently, we've been getting a lot of questions about how to eat healthier. One of the most simple and honest answers is to eat real food. This means less processed, packaged, manufactured foods filled with ingredients you can't pronounce. It also means more homemade foods and less food "products."

In essence, healthy eating is all about a lifestyle change, it is not a quick-fix.

So how do you actually start eating healthier?

One of the top tips I recommend for all my clients, is to eat with the seasons. This is a beautiful way to connect with nature and with your nutrition.

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With year-round availability of nearly any food imaginable, eating seasonally has become a thing of the past. But unfortunately, this increased convenience of one-stop shopping has removed us from the way we are designed to eat!

Instead of picking a fruit off a tree, or a vegetable from a vine, we are shopping round, waxy produce from a pile of identical fruits and vegetables in the refrigerated section. This type of eating, while highly convenient, confuses our bodies, wallets, and the environment!

So, what exactly are the benefits of shifting toward more seasonal eating?