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How To Host A Sacred Women’s Circle

Have you ever desired more connection to the women in your community?

Have you wanted a safe space to share your story, not to get advice or judgement, but just to be listened to?

Have you ever wished for friends who would accept and appreciate you- just as you are?

If so, you are not alone.

I have found this sacred community though a tradition known as women's circles.

I have had the honor of hosting and attending women's circles and they are so sweet and powerful. If you have not heard of a women's circle before, essentially it is a safe and sacred space for women to come together to share life together.

Sounds broad and vague? It is a little.

The magic truly happens from establishing a safe circle with a few guiding principles and then letting each women offer her own gifts and words to the collective. Women's circles have been around for thousands of years and they can come in many beautiful shapes and sizes.

If you are feeling called to rise as a leader in your community, and to share some sisterly love, consider if hosting a women's circle feels right to you. If you would like to attend one and not host one- search for circles in your area- you may be surprised to find one close to your home.

There are many ways to hold a women’s circle. What is most important is that it is authentic and from the heart. Here is one approach:

To Bring:

1) Ceremony: Centerpiece (flowers, candles, pretty fabric, shells, etc)

2) Energy: Some ideas: Sage or palo santo to smudge and cleanse the space + bring a lighter. And/or bells, singing bowls, etc.

3) Talking Stick: (Shell, stick, something people can hold when they talk, etc.)

4) To Share After: Tea, Tea cups, Hot Water Kettle, Water, Chocolate, Fruit, Etc.

To Prepare:

1) Intention: What do you feel the focus should be? What is the topic or question that you feel should be answered by the circle?

2) Practice: Review structure below.

3) Collaboration: Would you like someone to do the open and/or the close? If so, invite them to lead a grounding practice (some ideas: meditation, yoga, read a poem, tapping the glands, blessing, breath work, etc). If not, decide what activity you are going to lead yourself.


1) Welcome + Thank ladies for joining tonight.

2) Overview: "The women's circle is a simple and sacred ceremony. In essence, it is a place for us to come together as women and share from the heart. The structure is as follows: We will do introductions, then a grounding practice to open, then share some guiding principles for the circle, then go around the circle to share our stories, then have time for reflection, and then close."

3) Introductions: "Please say your name, your intention for this circle, and if you have ever been in a women's circle before."

4) Open: Grounding practice: (meditation, yoga, read a poem, tapping the glands, blessing, breath work, etc)

4) Guidelines: We keep this circle a safe space, honor confidentiality (what is shared in the circle stays in the circle), listen with compassion and curiosity, speak with vulnerability, and honor the talking stick. This is not a space to interrupt, give advice, or ask questions- it is a space to practice listening and sharing.

5) Theme: Share theme for the circle - explain the question / topic in a few ways. Look at the clock and say how many minutes each person has (about 2-3 usually).

6) Stories: Begin the circle- Ask for a volunteer to begin sharing and give them the talking stick.

7) Reflections: Go around the circle again to share reflections from the circle (one thing that they will take away from the circle / what resonated with them in the circle) or to share an intention for the coming week. - Ask for a volunteer to begin.

8) Close: (meditation, yoga, tapping the glands, blessing, breath work, etc)

9) Celebrate = complete. Share tea, food, and relax together.

That's it in a nutshell.

Imagine if we rose together as a sisterhood around the globe to respect and honor one another...spreading the power of connection by building the bond of love?

What would happen?

The total world would get a major makeover- for the better. ♥️

This is part of my secret (not-so-secret) plan for our planet- and I'm inviting you to join the revolution. Download the one page guide, invite a few sisters to gather and give it a try.

If this speaks to you, have no fear and try it out. In essence, it is simple- gather with women and offer a safe space to communicate and listen from the heart.

Once you find your own flow, the circles will organically unfold into something more powerful and divine than could ever be defined in words...

Check out these resources below to learn more:

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