The Motivation:

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"The wound is the place where the Light enters you."
After earning my undergraduate degree in Sociology and my minor in Educational Psychology from the University of California Santa Barbara, I moved to Eastern North Carolina to teach high school social studies in a low-income high-need public school through Teach For America.
I put my ALL into what I commit to, so my health was demoted to the back burner while I focused on the success of my students and my service as a teacher. During my first year of teaching I would often skip breakfast to drink a 40 ounce cup of coffee, skip lunch to tutor a student, and trade dinner for some spoonfuls of tollhouse cookie dough (true story!).


Exercise was out of the question because between grading papers and creating curriculum, I was lucky to get a shower and some sleep before starting the madness all over the next day. Needless to say, I was burnt out, stressed out, and growing out of my clothes. The weight piled on physically, mentally, and emotionally as my hair started to fall out, my skin started to break out, and I grew depressed. Externally I still put on a smile, but inside I was crumbling and I lost the sense of direction and purpose that I had always embraced.

I crawled to the finish line of teaching that year and on the first day of summer I made a plan of action to reverse the negative downward spiral. I would not and could not suffer through another school year as a victim and sacrificial teacher. That would not serve my students nor myself in the long run. I made a commitment to myself that I would put my own mental, physical and emotional health first, above all else, in the belief that this would best serve my personal and professional life. And it did! 

During the remainder of my time teaching I made my physical health a priority by establishing work life boundaries, investing in my health, and committing to daily fitness. I thrive best in community with accountability, so I also started my journey as a health coach to motivate myself and encourage others on their health journeys as well.


I also supported myself mentally by learning how to work smarter, not harder with various stress reduction techniques. Lastly, I developed my emotional health by spending more time with loved ones and less time in front of the computer.


In just one year I drastically improved my health in multiple ways and enjoyed both teaching and my personal life so much more. I went from depressed, bloated belly, with disordered eating to happy and healthy, with six pack abs. (Turns out less stress and healthy habits lead to lower inflammation which supports health, happiness, and natural weight loss. Triple WIN!) 


I was fascinated by the power of holistic health so I then began my Master's in Health Education at John F. Kennedy University where I specialized in holistic nutrition and health coaching. I have love working with clients to help them accomplish their personal health goals.


You are the greatest hero in your own life and you have the internal wisdom to reach your greatest health. You are not alone in your health journey. It is my honor and life's work to help support my clients on their holistic health journey. 

Now it is my mission is to spread the love of health to all.


I truly believe that you must love yourself first and prioritize your own health before you can fully love or care for anyone else. Regardless of how stressful your current life circumstances may be, there are ways to achieve a greater sense of holistic health.


Holistic health looks at the whole picture (nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, social circles, etc.) and not just how many calories you are eating each day. The best results come from examining your whole life and not just one tiny piece of it (like the numbers on the scale).  


Life is meant to be enjoyed!


I have personally struggled with my health so I know that investing in your health is not a luxury, it is a necessity for living a happy life.


My ideal world would be one where everyone has the education, resources, and opportunities to empower themselves to live a happy and healthy life. It is my goal to be an ally of yours as you discover your truest vitality.


Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I'd love to learn about your story too. I'm here to support your transformation to optimum health.