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Holistic Nutritionist, Functional Blood Chemistry Analyst, & Health Coach​

As a previously overworked, unhealthy, and depressed public school teacher, I know first hand how easy it is to put our own wellbeing at the very bottom of the priority list. I struggled with so many health issues and I felt like a total failure. I suffered for years, but slowly (through lots of trial and error + studies) found the road back to optimum health. Now it's my passion and pleasure to help our clients heal naturally. We'll help you get better results faster so that you can move forward enjoying your beautiful life as you share your unique gifts with the world. Optimum health is your birthright, so I nominate my team and I to help you achieve it.

Fun fact: My name Kyria means "positive thoughts" in Swahili. 


Holistic Nutritionist & Executive Assistant

I am honored to serve the Kyria Health community as a Nutritionist and Executive Assistant. Shortly after graduating from Pepperdine University, I faced health challenges of my own. I climbed out of the rubble of deteriorating health through the healing power of nutrition. I then completed my certification in Nutrition Consulting from Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition with the mission to help others live a life they love while being the best version of themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I specialize in holistic weight loss and women's health. I live with my husband and two, fluffy white dogs, Sydney and Millie. My days are spent working out, cooking healthy food, reading, listening to podcasts, cuddling my dogs, and making the most of my life in every moment.  

Fun Fact: I am 5'11 and live in Southern California.

Great news! You don’t just get me...you get access to THE BEST. My DREAM TEAM.


Success with any health program requires that you have access to constant support every step of the way - we are making absolutely sure of it!


This means no questions unanswered and you’re always supported in forward momentum. 


I can promise you that you will not find another program anywhere that offers this level of support at this price point.


You get direct support from me (Kyria), my team (Team Kyria Health), and an active community where we are available around the clock to help you with whatever it is you need. 

#TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork ❤️

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Health Coach & Doctoral Candidate in Traditional Chinese Medicine 2022 

Hello, my name is Melanie and I am a health coach at Kyria Health. I am studying acupuncture and herbal medicine, so I can offer our clients support in achieving health and alignment by utilizing natural methods. I have struggled with various health issues, and was able to make huge strides with traditional medicines. Now, I want to let others know it is possible to heal and grow with patience and love! I feel so blessed to be part of the Kyria Health team and community. Amazing things are happening here!

Fun fact: I lived in the Micronesian Islands for two years teaching elementary school. 

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Health Coach & BA in Communication: Concentration In Public Relations

I’ve been told I don’t look the way my health journey describes – well praise God for that because if I can bring hope to anyone then it was all worth the fight! Although I struggled with syncope while heavily competing in school sports, I didn’t realize the depth of my conditions until I had my first child in 2014. For 3 years hematologists, cardiologists, neurologists, ENTs and the like had no answers or support. Finally diagnosed in 2017 with severe POTS, small fiber neuropathy and more- I then needed support. Miraculously, I found the right people to support my body holistically and evaluate my blood functionally. I am so PROUD to now be able to empower and support healing and restoration every day through each of you in our community! 

Fun fact: I hum and sing "oh, holy night" all throughout the year with different melodies and have to laugh when someone asks what song my kids are humming, "It sounds so familiar." :)